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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Space Is Only Noise

There will be no weddings in my future, royal or otherwise. Not that I expected there to be. I’ve never had the paint-by-numbers approach to relationships. I haven’t experienced (or engineered) the standard progression of fall-in-love/get-married/buy-house/produce-offspring. Nor will that ever be a part of my space-time continuum. And that is ok. But I am most [...]

Shake Your Dreams Awake

Mock Spring must be in the air because things are happening, despite the freezing rain. Yesterday morning the housing inspector gave me his sign-off (there are no longer any “H for Hazardous” items in my house) and this afternoon the house has its first scheduled showing. Eep! We’re hiding out at Cake Eater Bakery while [...]

Moments of Isolation

It’s one of those days. I’ve been sick for days with some sort of flu bullshit. And sad. And I’m having my chain yanked. Most egregiously by my bank (the one that owns my mortgage and where I also do my personal banking). But even way down in this lowdown funk there’s some progress to [...]

Making the Spoon Sparkle

Work continues, full force, prepping the house for the short sale. Seems like such a simple thing but the boy and I now only have clothing that actually fits our bodies. For too long he’d had too-small t-shirts stashed away in his dresser drawers. I’d been clinging to old favorite dresses from forever ago that [...]

Since We Tripped Into This Ditch

Coming back from California and returning to real life has been rough. My son was cranky with me. Our seasonal allergies are in high gear. I’m cold and jet-lagged. The house is in disarray and the housing inspector found even more shittiness than I’d anticipated. The cats have been bouncing off the walls and voicing [...]

My Day of Reckoning

Homeownership has caused me twelve years of hardship and heartache. There really is something to the annoying-but-true LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION mantra. I will mind that in the future. Thankfully that future will see us elsewhere. Likely closer to the boy’s school, his Dads, our friends and my workplace. I don’t know exactly where that place [...]