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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Girls Like Us

Not loving this last minute stress. We found out our current landlord will be showing our apartment while we’re on vacation. Out of the state. Opted to skip Friday night fun in favor of cleaning. But I’m more worried about the cats getting out than anything. Wheeeee! Thankfully we have lovely friends who live [...]

Come As You Are

Someone pointed out we’ll be in Seattle on the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. Whoops. This was not intentional. And freaking CNN. Man. So insensitive. “CNN Wrote The Worst Kurt Cobain Lede Ever. We Tried To Top It.” Don’t even. But this is equal parts amusing and cringe-worthy: Today’s teens reacting to Nirvana. Oof. [...]

The Iron in Our Blood

For a couple of days I was down for the count. Back to normal now, more or less, and the week has come to an end. Nothing particularly noteworthy about it. Other than we’ve got one more to go before Spring break. We’re going to sit down together this weekend to figure out what needs [...]

This Cosmic Perspective

Recently we watched the wonderful series premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted by astrophysicist/nerd superstar Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Nothing like pondering the infinite vastness of the universe to make one’s own life and problems seem insignificant. Wrapping my head around the Big Bang and the Cosmic Calendar was a nice break. But back to [...]

An Imperfect Process

Maybe it’s because I’m a Minnesotan, but it seems like BIG LIFE CHANGES always happen in the early Spring. Or at least need to be decided upon. So BIG LIFE CHOICES. As a single parent most of these have been up to me. And I am a-ok with that. I react quickly and decisively and [...]

False Math and Unrecognized Genius

What a weekend. Highs and lows. Started out by looking at an imperfect three bedroom duplex in the perfect neighborhood. Then found out an old friend mysteriously died at home at the age of 40. Had a quiet night in. Saturday we indulged in too much escapism by seeing both the new Mr. Peabody & [...]

The Melancholy Party Theory

My Monday and Tuesday were TOO MUCH. And ALL AT ONCE sort of days. Usually when March rolls around we Minnesotans begin feeling more hopeful. Sadly we’ve still experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Monday was a mercury milestone: Twin Cities records 50th subzero day this season. Heaped atop the weather woes I have a laundry list of [...]