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The Melancholy Party Theory

My Monday and Tuesday were TOO MUCH. And ALL AT ONCE sort of days. Usually when March rolls around we Minnesotans begin feeling more hopeful. Sadly we’ve still experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Monday was a mercury milestone: Twin Cities records 50th subzero day this season. Heaped atop the weather woes I have a laundry list of BIG LIFE STUFF. If each item were incoming individually it would feel more manageable. But the combo punches are crushing me. Deep breath. Today is a new day. The sun is shining. The temps are warming up. I saw the still-fabulous Cibo Matto and Buffalo Daughter last night at the Turf Club. Kim Gordon re-tweeted me (my pics from last week’s Body/Head show). And we are just over three weeks from our Spring Break trip out of town. Working for vacation. Oh yes.

Five good things:

Today is Ash Wednesday. Yes, an attempt was made to raise me Catholic as a young’n. It didn’t take. That’s not the reason I know what day it is. It’s because of the Horror for the Holidays movie series and their special screening of Army of Darkness at the Mall of America. Starring the man with the chin that could kill, Bruce Campbell, as Ash. So dreamy.

Rajjar Septet

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