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Girls Like Us

Not loving this last minute stress. We found out our current landlord will be showing our apartment while we’re on vacation. Out of the state. Opted to skip Friday night fun in favor of cleaning. But I’m more worried about the cats getting out than anything. Wheeeee! Thankfully we have lovely friends who live nearby and agreed to cat-sit. And our downstairs neighbor is home a lot. So bring on the Spring Break. And some calming deep breaths.

Five random items of note:

Attempting to remain calm. And focus on living in the moment, especially on this vacation. But there are other awesome things to look forward to as well after the ordeal of moving in May. Like the Julie Ruin tour! I don’t even have to go to another town this time to see my beloved Kathleen Hanna in action. Naturally I’ve ordered tickets already.

Me, as Rosie the Riveter

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