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Ruined By Whimsy

Still in a post-vacation haze, despite returning home nearly one week ago. I have much to say about our wonderful trip but many many photos to edit yet. So far I’ve only finished day one.

For now, five good things for a Friday:

Cinco de Mayhem was one of our favorite events of 2013. My son had SO much fun. And so did CO Exhibitions.

In May 2013, we invited over two dozen local artists to design and build their very own piñatas to be displayed and destroyed right here in our CO Exhibitions gallery. We saw everything from Viking ships to wild birds to DeLoreans to baby seals to Game of Thrones characters to oversized potatoes. Art lovers bought “Smash Tickets” for the rights to step up and swing at the piñatas and we ended up raising several hundred dollars for local food bank Second Harvest Heartland. It was one of the most fun and creative nights we’ve ever seen go down at CO … and we wanna do it all over again!

This year my son and I are making our own piñatas. Getting cracking on that this weekend. But soon we really need to get in gear with packing the house up. And purging our household of un-needed items. The fun never ends.

At Ground Kontrol in Portland

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