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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Let It All Go

Lately my ex has been bringing out the extra-special crazy in me so I’ve been interacting with him less. He’s got someone new in his life, and I have someone new (and awesome!) in mine. But we can’t be BFF anymore and that bums us both out. At least he still wants to be part [...]

To Here Knows When

This week we’ll be moving on into August already, and then I’ll be in a proper panic over September. There’s the lad’s ninth birthday party to plan (he wants the moon) and my impending trip to New York to sort out. But we haven’t purchased our airfare yet, because the ATP dis-organizers never confirmed our [...]

There Will Be Quiet

My busy brain needed a break. It was making me feel crazy and bringing my body down with it - with all the gnashing of teeth and lack of sleep and whatnot. So I took myself off the hamster wheel for a day to see if I could remedy some of my problems. And I [...]

Familiarity and Convenience Are Soulkillers

Our lives have been lacking some structure over the summer break. But third grade starts on Monday - already! - because the little man attends a year round program. So we’ll have more routine. Though not the same routine. The school has moved to its new location, and the school bus route is changing [...]

I Can Hold a Thunderhead in My Heart

It’s become increasingly difficult to remain on good terms with my ex/former best friend. That makes me sad. For the little man as much as for myself. This is only worsening my current low energy-high anxiety combo. Which in turn makes getting things done nearly impossible. Yet the To Do list is never ending. I [...]

Let the Wolves Howl At the Moon

All week I’ve been drafting an angst-y post about parenting, peppered with complaints about Freddy’s path of destruction and the woes of homeownership. But it has bored me too much to complete it, so I’d rather not inflict such a post on others.
This morning the little man declared we should get a Mold-a-Rama machine, [...]

Captains of Our Souls

Maybe it’s some sort of post-Hellboy hypnotic suggestion, but today I am all about superheroes…and supervillains.
Five examples of such:

Some lovely, lesser-known superheroes. Though certain folks (I’m looking at you Ellen) find Miss Squirrel to be more alarming than charming.
Act One of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is now up!
A set visit preview of the [...]

No Risk Without Failure

Sometimes there is no going back. My nerves are a little extra nerve-y right now, but I’ll get over it.
Five good things for today, all beginning with the letter D. Just because.

Duchenne smiles
‘Daruma-otoshi‘ skyscraper demolition
DOMO-KUN! Inspired by the awesome gift I received, pictured below.
The Dodos. I skipped their recent show but have been listening [...]

Going Through the Motions

Lately I’ve felt like I’m biding my time, waiting for I don’t know what. For my motivation and/or mojo to come back? For the return of my darling ex? To win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes? I’m not sure. But it kinda sucks.
Five things that don’t suck:

My friend Maria will be here from Berkeley in [...]

Moments of Clarity

A lot of it has to do with the suffocatingly close weather - and our brutal lack of air conditioning - but I feel like I’m running out of breathing room. My bills are quickly catching up to me, now that I have the mortgage plus two home equity loans to pay back (and the [...]