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There Will Be Quiet

My busy brain needed a break. It was making me feel crazy and bringing my body down with it - with all the gnashing of teeth and lack of sleep and whatnot. So I took myself off the hamster wheel for a day to see if I could remedy some of my problems. And I made progress. After rushing the kid across town to childcare I made a bee-line for Juut Spa, where I treated myself to a one hour massage. Bliss.

Afterwards I stopped by 2nd Moon Coffee, where I met up with a friend. We went on to have lunch at one of my happy places, Seward Cafe. Thankfully it’s one of his happy places too. Post-lunch we popped into Seward Co-op to pick up some vegan chocolate. Yum. Sadly he had to go back to work while I went on to a showing of The Dark Knight. Believe the hype.

But then it was back to the world of parenting, complete with an open house at the boy’s school. We met his new third grade teachers and toured his classroom and Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and other rooms. I have a good feeling about the new site, but a not-so-good feeling about the commute. Especially in winter. Guess we’ll need to take it one school day at a time.

Tonight I’ve talked on the phone a bit - a rarity - first with Maria, who is taking the redeye in from the Bay Area tonight. And then with the little man’s grandma, who has decided to take him overnight on Saturday. Score! I’ll be able to attend my friends’ art opening like a real grown-up. I’m stoked, but sleepy. All these little positives add up to a much happier Sharyn. A happy Sharyn who will now will fall asleep listening to Fuck Buttons. Good night.

day 200, strappy summer sandals

Bonus: Oh man, I wish I could’ve seen the surprise sneak peek of Tron 2, at SDCC. Sigh.
Plus: We still haven’t gotten to the Walker’s artist-designed mini golf, but maybe this weekend.
And: I’ve always been intrigued by this incident, and now there will be a documentary about it: The artistic crime of the century.

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  1. starbody wrote:

    You’ve gotta love a band with the word fuck in their name. Case in point, Holy Fuck!

    Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

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