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To Here Knows When

This week we’ll be moving on into August already, and then I’ll be in a proper panic over September. There’s the lad’s ninth birthday party to plan (he wants the moon) and my impending trip to New York to sort out. But we haven’t purchased our airfare yet, because the ATP dis-organizers never confirmed our lodging. I noticed yesterday that they’ve updated their site with info about other cheap hotels in the area. Allegedly we have a room at The Raleigh, but I won’t believe it until we have a confirmation number. I’ll need to get the details worked out soon. And go into research mode re: vegan-friendly food stuffs. If anyone has the down-low on the Monticello, New York area, do tell.

Another busy week. I found out too late about a Palestinian hip-hop performance at the Cedar Cultural Center (today at 11am). I may be able to make it to Patio Nights on Thursday, this week with The Deaf. But I think the boy will be even more excited about the Fringe Festival. In particular, The Legend of Little Bad, featuring one of his favorite former teachers/babysitters. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

flower porn

Bonus: Hasbro has finally filed suit against the makers of Scrabulous, and the Facebook app has been disabled. It was just a matter of time. Not sure if folks will now switch to EA’s “official” Facebook Scrabble app or not.
Plus: I got myself a Mr. Bento set, for lunch at work and picnics and whatnot, but the boy immediately stole my damned spork. He’s been spork-obsessed since seeing Wall-E. I may have to buy him his own. And begin contributing to the Mr. Bento Porn pool on flickr.
And: Considering my extreme susceptibility to motion sickness - I can’t even play Katamari Damacy without hurling - I doubt I’ll be tooling around the Earth’s thermosphere anytime soon. Oh, that, and I’m not among the wealthy. But the Virgin Galactic mothership looks pretty neat.

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