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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Blue Sky Versus Night Sky

This EconoLodge isn’t exactly scenic, but I knew a change of scenery would do me good. Driving all the way to Chicago last night would’ve been too much for the little man - and for me. Madison was an excellent stopping point. And our trip had an auspicious start. Last night we left St. Paul [...]

The Mistake That Runs The World

Editor’s note: I attempted to post this last night, but WordPress choked and I opted to go to bed. Five good things to combat the Monday malaise:

This Classic Mojo shirt. After I purchased it I was rewarded with this great graphic. It’s the little things.
I’d considered heading to First Ave, for The Clientele/Peter Bjorn and [...]

The Stability of Structures

We’ve been hella busy ’round these parts. Some good times. Others…not so much. Dinner at Midori’s with friends was fun - despite getting caught in a big storm on the way. Then there was the little man’s annual physical - something we both would’ve rather skipped. And I’ve had a lot on my mind, pondering [...]

The Collision of Struggle and Apprehension

My “plan” was a success. For this year’s birthday party, we distributed the little man’s invites at the last minute, and to far fewer folks, and guess what? We had about 1/5 as many attendees as last year! And that is a-ok. Last year was way way over the top. But this time around some [...]

That Post-Math Calculation of Relations

Eight years ago on this day I was having my abdomen sliced open so that I could meet my son. Happy Birthday little man! I’m glad you made it out into this crazy world. I can’t begin to imagine what my life would be like without you in it.
Speaking of crazy, for years a piece [...]

Emotional Weather Report

Sometimes my son is just as unpredictably moody as his mama. Yesterday he was intensely crabby, prone to random outbursts and hysterics. Today? He woke up all sunshine and light (maybe because he knew he’d be sharing vegan donut holes with his class). Hopefully he’ll remain happy, even though the birthday presents I ordered online [...]

An Unfunded Mandate

I had a less than stellar childhood, to be sure, but my upbringing did instill certain notions in me. Some concerning milestones imperative to growing up in Minnesota. So in the last few weeks I’ve been making up for lost time with the little man (even though these things haven’t come cheap). Recently he has [...]

It’s All About the Anathema

After growing up in the 70s and 80s I utterly despised facial hair of any kind. I associated ZZ Top style beards with the uncle (r.i.p.) who totally freaked my scene. And moustaches with a random assortment of pervy-looking dudes, from creepy teachers to Tom Selleck. But my attitude has softened over the past few [...]

Most Rapid Intensification

I’ve been too negative this week so howsabout five good things?

Aloo Bodi from Namaste. Delicious.
The Dark Dark Dark EP.
Heroes season 2 premieres on September 24th!
A new bra. Hey, it’s the little things.
A tentatively planned Freaks and Geeks viewing party at my place.

Bonus: It is time for the Making Fiends art contest. I’ll have to get [...]

Life is a Hungry Thing

It’s a short work/school week, yes, but damn. Today has been all-around rough.

The badness began with the return of Shark Week (nothing like a wildly irregular cycle - modern medicine be damned! - to keep me on my toes).
My home wifi has suddenly become flaky as hell, but only for my beloved powerbook. The desktop [...]