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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Rapidly Changing Circumstances

The winds have died down and my body is on the mend. I’m about to head out into a calm, sunny (though chilly) afternoon. But first, a quick burst of five good/weird things.
*pew pew pew*

I fell for it. After reading about the Daniel Johnston for iPhone game - “a kind of psycho-religious version of [...]

Distance Doesn’t Seem to Matter

Listening to quiet sounds now on this Sunday night. The boy put himself to bed. The dishwasher is running. It is raining lightly. But the winds are whipping about. The gusts were so strong earlier today that our boulevard tree was snapped in two. Had we been home the topheavy portion would have landed directly [...]

Life On Mars

Well, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned needing to rest. My body took that as a signal to completely give up. I’ve spent most of the week flat on my back in bed, or faceplanted on the couch, like a pinned butterfly. Exhausted, achey and barely clinging to consciousness. And with all the sleeping the dreams [...]

Illusions Aren’t Worthless

I could use another weekend to help me recover from the last one. Overall it was action-packed good times, kicking off on Thursday night with a magical visit to the landscape arboretum. But Friday was a little touch and go. It was clear that junior bowling league had been misrepresented to us. We arrived to [...]

Tip-Toeing Through Some Bizarre Dreamworld

Melatonin is magical to an insomniac like me. Busy brain + lots of stress = sleep defiance! Some time ago a friend recommended the melatonin as a remedy. I finally bucked up and bought myself a bottle. Last night I took some around 9:30pm. By 10:30pm I was out cold, and slept soundly without waking [...]

Shouting From the Rooftops

My beautiful boy turned ten yesterday. TEN YEARS OLD! Wowzers. Guess he really is the BIG little man now. We celebrated the day by providing his class with vegan donut holes for snacktime. After school my ex-husband picked the lad up and the two retrieved his bio-Dad and his lovely girlfriend. Then the lot of [...]

Crescendo Then Recede

All weekend I couldn’t shake a feeling of wrong-ness, as I’d spent the entire year thinking I’d be elsewhere at this time. I had planned to return to All Tomorrow’s Parties, in New York. But those plans fell through in an incredibly disappointing fashion. And the disappointment was exacerbated when I found out about Dirty [...]

Sometimes Fear is the Appropriate Response

Yesterday I nearly took my son to see the movie 9, as the date was 9/9/9 and he is only 9 years old for a few more days and all. But after re-watching the trailer and reading Ebert’s review I figured it might be just a touch too scary for the lad, despite his love [...]

Shorthand for Joy

It was an incredibly fun four-day weekend but it was all go, no slow. And I managed to hemorrhage the monies with a visit to the Mall of America (gulldarned H&M and Sanrio stores), another couch purchase at Room & Board Outlet (originally $1400 marked down to $199!), two trips to Home Depot, a couple [...]

Transcribing Those Intentions

The week’s frustrations haven’t lessened much, but how about five (or so) good things for this hump day?

I love Maru! Also, strap cameras on to various animals and you will have: The Museum of Animal Perspectives. And in the closer-to-home cute overload department, a friend adopted two kittens from pizza farm.
I skipped pizza farm yesterday [...]