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Illusions Aren’t Worthless

I could use another weekend to help me recover from the last one. Overall it was action-packed good times, kicking off on Thursday night with a magical visit to the landscape arboretum. But Friday was a little touch and go. It was clear that junior bowling league had been misrepresented to us. We arrived to find that the other children appeared to have been bowling since before they could walk. Little pros, each and every one of them. The coordinator is going to work one-on-one with the lad, on his form, and hopefully he will gain confidence as the weeks go by. Saturday was better. I dropped the boy off at the beach, to hang out with his bio-dad, while I headed to Chuck and Lori’s Totally Magical Wedding - as their guest, and also as their wedding photographer. It was great fun but I stayed out and up far too late. Especially since the next day was my son’s 10th Birthday Party at Pump It Up Party Zone! I’ve been taking a lot of naps since.

Five good things:

In news of the sad…I discovered that a longtime flickr contact, Superlocal, passed away suddenly. For years we’d commented on each others’ photos, mostly food-related ones. I enjoyed the way he captured everyday life. In particular his shots of strangers on the subway in Seoul and various offerings from street vendors. It’s only fitting that the last shot in his photostream is of a tall soft serve ice cream cone (strawberry & green tea). Some remembrances of Emil Goh.

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