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Tip-Toeing Through Some Bizarre Dreamworld

Melatonin is magical to an insomniac like me. Busy brain + lots of stress = sleep defiance! Some time ago a friend recommended the melatonin as a remedy. I finally bucked up and bought myself a bottle. Last night I took some around 9:30pm. By 10:30pm I was out cold, and slept soundly without waking until 5am. Then I fell back to sleep until 7am (whoops, neglected to set the alarm clock). But during that two hour window I had some startlingly vivid dreams. Not sure if that’s a typical side effect of melatonin intake. But it is something I can live with, in exchange for some solid sleep. Because my sleep-deprived waking life has become downright dysfunctional.

Speaking of dreams and dreaming and dreaminess, flickr has launched a fantastic new feature. Flickr Galleries, “unleashing your inner curator.” I’ve been receiving lovely little notices when other flickr users add my photos to their galleries. Now I just need to poke through my oodles of favorites, pick a theme and get curating!

And now a mish-mash of five things from strange to awful to awesome:

Not so dreamy? I’ve added a few more outtakes to Clockwork’s headshot set. Including some silly photos of myself. Eep.

alien water bottles

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