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Shorthand for Joy

It was an incredibly fun four-day weekend but it was all go, no slow. And I managed to hemorrhage the monies with a visit to the Mall of America (gulldarned H&M and Sanrio stores), another couch purchase at Room & Board Outlet (originally $1400 marked down to $199!), two trips to Home Depot, a couple of excursions to the co-op and Trader Joe’s and the liquor store, and lovely meals from Jasmine 26 and the newish St. Paul Brasa.

The Home Depot visits were related to the reclaiming of my spare room. No longer will it be occupied by a roommate, nor will I allow it to revert back to a junk room. When talking to a Home Depot employee about my plans he referred to this room as my Woman Cave. Ewww. So all weekend I’ve jokingly been calling it my Lady Cave, which is only slightly less ewww-worthy. I plan to begin painting this week, before the new comfy couch is delivered. And the cats will most definitely not be allowed in my cave, lest they sully it or rip the couch to shreds, like they’ve done with those in the downstairs living room. Le sigh.

This weekend I passed on other events to kick back at three BBQs (and could have attended even more). Saturday’s for the heckuvit BBQ, Sunday’s birthday BBQ, and yesterday’s Labor Day BBQ at my place.

And now it’s back to school for many of the nation’s children. Though my son attends a year-round program. For him, fourth grade began in July. But even for those who start school today I don’t think the President’s address would be a distraction. After reading the prepared text it sounds like a great back-to-school pep talk. I phoned and emailed our school last week, indicating that I would very much like my son’s class to watch the address today. I never heard back, so I’m not sure how that will play out. But when I discussed it with my son he was disappointed…because initially I made it sound like President Obama would be speaking to his class directly, and not via video. It was so sweet when he told me “but I’d like to meet that man.” Maybe someday, my dear, maybe someday.

vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, with banana

Bonus: Been listening to A Place to Bury Strangers. As described by a friend, they really are equal parts The Cure and My Bloody Valentine. All shoe gaze-y with a little wall of sound thrown in.
Plus: Though the weekend was busy, somehow I managed to squeeze in the very last episodes of season four of Lost. But was dismayed to discover season five isn’t available via Netflix just yet. And only the last five episodes are available via Hulu. What’s a girl to do?
And: The Wall Project.


  1. Yvonne wrote:

    I thought the Sanrio store closed! Is it back?

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 7:20 pm | Permalink
  2. Sharyn wrote:

    Yep, it’s back!

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 7:49 pm | Permalink
  3. Megan wrote:

    It’s probably a good thing we don’t have an H&M in Austin. Although I could do with that Room & Board outlet.

    Lady Cave sounds more dirty to me than Woman Cave, but it could be worse.

    Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 8:32 am | Permalink

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