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Distance Doesn’t Seem to Matter

Listening to quiet sounds now on this Sunday night. The boy put himself to bed. The dishwasher is running. It is raining lightly. But the winds are whipping about. The gusts were so strong earlier today that our boulevard tree was snapped in two. Had we been home the topheavy portion would have landed directly on my car. Thankfully we were away and it fell in an empty driveway. But when we pulled up to our house, after an afternoon of adventuring, it took my brain a long while to process what I was seeing. I just kept sputtering. “The tree? What the hell?” Some helpful neighbors were outside and had already called the city. A crew came by not long after with chainsaws. The tree has been sectioned off but not yet removed.

Anyhow, all bundled up on my couch I pondered all of the awesomeness that has been happening elsewhere over the weekend, and even closer to home, but I’ve been missing out on all of it.

At least the lad and I had some good times. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (Bruce Campbell!) in 3D. Bowling. Swimming. Redeeming gift cards he received for his birthday. Dinner out at E Noodle and at Midori’s. And I highly recommend Big Stone Mini Golf in Mound, MN. From there it’s a quick jaunt to Minnetonka Apple Orchards, but damn if that isn’t a spendy proposition. $30 to pick our own honeycrisps. Still, enjoyable.

Parker in the corn maze

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