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Monthly Archives: February 2022

The Illusion of Control

The winter weather persists, as it does in this neck of the woods. I miss my daily outdoor walks. Even when the temperatures are warm enough, the sidewalks around here are garbage. Unfortunately, our small condo doesn’t have room for a treadmill. I’ve wondered if it’s time for me to become an early morning mall [...]

Now Bring Me That Horizon

COVID cases are finally on the decline in Minnesota. But we’re still remaining cautious. Sadly, the case numbers are climbing in Mexico. The CDC has added Mexico to the “Do Not Travel” list. Last Fall, before Omicron emerged, I must have been feeling optimistic because I booked a trip to Playa del Carmen. To a [...]

Honoring the Complexity of Life

Last weekend, I removed everything from our refrigerator and freezer. Tossed what needed to go and deep cleaned all the shelves and drawers. Dried everything off then returned the food being kept in an organized manner. I know it won’t last. But every time I’ve opened the fridge since, it’s a reminder that I can [...]