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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hyper Confessional and Vaguely Soul Seaching

The self-imposed radical sabbatical has endured for three months. And I needed it, really, I did. I spent far too much of 2009 lovesick and confused or conflicted. It’s been good to think a few things through and clear my head. But I feel all better now. Maybe it’ll be time to move on in [...]

The Glitter of the Galaxy

We’ve had a fairly quiet and relaxing Christmas / Giftmas / Boxing Day but I feel like Sisyphus what with all this shoveling. And the degree of difficulty has only increased, thanks to the freezing rain that pelted down in between layers of snow, making it like the ice planet Hoth out there. We are [...]

The Tranquility of Solitude

The Lady Cave has completely sucked me in. I spend my waking hours in this sugar plum den with absolutely no desire to leave. Except maybe to do some baking in the kitchen downstairs, but only after the oven is preheated (I turn it on and run away for ten minutes or so, until the [...]

Beats Quite Powerfully

A few years before I was born an Italian singer wrote a song called Prisencolinensinainciusol, with gibberish to sound like English. I’ve only just discovered this gem - which has been described as “proto hip-hop” - and it is absolutely hypnotic, especially in video form with dancers hustling around in a hall of mirrors. And [...]

Other Positioning Systems

Feeling absolutely drained, but today was still a much better day than yesterday. At certain points I was even feeling rather accomplished. Sadly that wore off in a hurry. Been utterly useless since getting home. But today’s top five good things?

A nearly free dinner with my son, with Punch Pizza’s food drive promotion: Bring Food, [...]

Weakening The Major Stress Points

Last night I’d planned to make a curried squash soup. I’d been saving a lovely kuri squash, the last item left from my CSA half share. Sadly when I cut it open I found its innards were rotten, filled with blackened seeds and muck. Gross. Tossed that into the trash and improvised a curried sweet [...]

Intrinsically Pathological Constructs

Too much of parenting is about heartache and heartbreak. In my warped experience, at least. And I don’t just mean my failed pregnancies. What troubles me most with my living son? Problems that anyone faces, with autism or without. Universal life stuff. Like dealing with assholes. There are a lot of assholes out there, of [...]

Turn Me Well

What a shocker, it was another slow-to-start Minnesotan Monday morning. Wherein the lad and I each had difficulties emerging from our respective blanket cocoons to face the day. But we were oh so cozy. Sigh. Five good things to make this Monday morning less painful:

An interview with Sheela and Emily, our local cupcake (and more!) [...]

A Sledgehammer of Sweetness

This weekend had a mild case of the hiccups but was still mighty fine. Friday I’d intended to work from home all day but our wifi choked repeatedly. I am completely unable to work without the interwebs, unless performing some sort of interpretive dance will magically take care of my daily support elf/admin elf duties. [...]

And Down They Forgot As Up They Grew

Boy howdy, did the kid and I have a rough night on Wednesday. One of the worst we’ve had. My generally sweet boy went all Jekyll & Hyde on me. I blame the full moon. Another mom said it could be hormones. My son’s hormones. I am most decidedly not ready for that. Whatever it [...]