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Beats Quite Powerfully

A few years before I was born an Italian singer wrote a song called Prisencolinensinainciusol, with gibberish to sound like English. I’ve only just discovered this gem - which has been described as “proto hip-hop” - and it is absolutely hypnotic, especially in video form with dancers hustling around in a hall of mirrors. And I am now nursing a big ole crush on Adriano Celentano. I’m not the only one. Here is a lovely write up by Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker.

Five other good things:

It’s been a moderately busy weekend. Friday we had a holiday happy hour at Clockwork. Yesterday my secret santa delivered (homemade absinthe!), the boy and I stopped by Borders books for gifts on the way to an early morning birthday party on the other side of the metro area. While the kid was happily burning off energy at a “Pump It Up Party Zone” I headed to a coffee shop across the street. I finally finished our holiday cards and mailed ‘em off, just in the nick of time. Later we skipped out on sledding with friends in an attempt to get in on the public swine flu vaccination clinic. But the crowds were intense. I circled the block a few times just trying to find a parking spot and saw the line of people wrapping around the building. Instead we gave up and went to the movies. The kid’s choice. The Princess and the Frog (I was rooting for Avatar). Needless to say it didn’t make Ebert’s best of 2009 list but it was still entertaining enough. Saturday night I had to skip out on various events because I am broke and perpetually sitter-less but today is the slow Sunday I needed. Slept in, made muffins with Silk nog, did a few loads of laundry. Heading out to shovel again (some busybody neighbors seem to have tattled on me to the city - I did the shoveling after the major snowfall but didn’t do the touch-up after a light one the other day) and this afternoon we’re off to a Mario Brothers themed birthday party. Then it’s the holidaze home stretch. The kid is out of school until January 4th so I’ll be balancing working from home and keeping him occupied. Suggestions/playdates are welcome!


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