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The Tranquility of Solitude

The Lady Cave has completely sucked me in. I spend my waking hours in this sugar plum den with absolutely no desire to leave. Except maybe to do some baking in the kitchen downstairs, but only after the oven is preheated (I turn it on and run away for ten minutes or so, until the room is good and cozy). Working from home this week, with the lad here, has gone fairly well. I take frequent breaks to ensure he isn’t just staring at the TV or playing video games. He is quite adept at giving himself entertaining projects to tackle. Unfortunately they all seem to involve mess-making rather than cleaning up, but still, he is harnessing his creative energies. And blowing through reams of paper in the process. Yesterday I manged to shed my fuzzy pink bathrobe and get the kid to join me outside, to play. Only he was disappointed by the poor consistency of the snow. It was too dry and refused to stick together to take the form of a snowperson, or even a snowball. And he seemed to blame me. It’s not like I could activate my Wonder Twin powers. And even if I could I’d be Jayna, taking the form of some animal or another. Not terribly helpful. He’s the one who would be Zan, who can transform into water at any state. But I digress. After his disastrously cranky outdoors time he retired to his room for more sullen alone time while I made dinner. But I was able to turn his mood around with the aid of Mad Libs, and some seriously silly grade school jokes, courtesy of the internet. Had him in stitches all night! After he went to bed happy, I proceeded to stay up far too late watching episode after episode of Supernatural (that Ben Edlund, oh he is some sort of supernatural being). When I finally forced myself to go to bed, and had just gained sleep, I was woken by strange noises. Someone, somewhere on my block, was shooting off bottle rockets. At 2am. On a Monday night. The hell? I fell asleep again cranky and out of sorts and slept fitfully all night. I woke up exhausted and feeling anxious. But the day has been busy and gone by quickly. Once again it is after noon and I am still in my PJs. But I do plan to shower and get dressed. And even leave the house! But only for the Benjamin Franklin exhibit at the nearby Minnesota History Center.

  • We may just leave the house again tomorrow, for A Christmas Story at the Riverview Theater. The lad has never seen it before.
  • For the last few years I’ve been involved in a Secret Santa/Satan gift exchange. This year is the first we’ve used Elfster to facilitate exchanges. But it seems to have done the trick! It’s the first year I’ve received my gift before Giftmas, and it seems like a lot of other folks have been getting theirs early as well.
  • Oh how I adore science fiction/fantasy author Charles Stross. “The hideous threat of the Filler of Stockings, who oozes through chimneys and ventilation ducts every Dead God’s Birthday-eve to perform unspeakable acts against items of hosiery” from Overtime, a not-so-uplifting-but-entertaining Christmas tale (and a follow up to Down on the Farm, set in the same universe).
  • Patton Oswalt will be performing on Broadway! In the Terrence McNally play “Lips Together, Teeth Apart.” Huh.
  • Two presidential tidbits today - first, about Flat Stanley’s visit to the White House and secondly Obama’s H1N1 flu shot.

We’ve tentatively got plans for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the weekend, but it seems the Twin Cities may be clobbered by another big snowstorm headed this way. In which case, yes, you guessed it, I shall retire to the sanctuary of my Lady Cave.

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