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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Long Night

Collectively we’ve had quite enough of this winter already. One can make only so many Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming” jokes. The reality is too harsh with these crazy cold snaps, school closings, record snow fall and snow emergencies. Too much all at once. But at least we live in an area equipped for [...]

No Separation Based on Form

My weekend plans unraveled, partly due to the weather and partly due to illness. A lingering cold took up residency in my lungs the other night and I haven’t managed to evict it yet. Last night was meant to be spent at dinner with friends followed by a group outing to an art show. Instead [...]

Cultural and Personal Nostalgia

Here we go again. Wind chill advisory. Dangerously cold. Cold enough to shut down schools in the metro area again. Yes, Winter 2014, we read you loud and clear. You hate us. When I was a kid we had the occasional snow day but it was usually pretty fun. It meant going outside to build [...]

Poke Him in the Weird Place

My poor little Mazda. Right now it’s getting its third replacement grill in three years. Two in the last two months. My son picked out our rental car - a bright blue Toyota Yaris hatchback - and, like him, I’d rather keep it. Not that we had the chance to drive it much. The turnaround [...]

Better Than Something

My early Monday morning was a frustrating big bang of clusterfucks. Involving sprained or broken pinky toes (mine), a missed school bus (my son’s), a subsequent missed personal trainer appointments(mine), spilled coffee, cat puke and more. But I turned things around. By going for an angry stompy walk to Whole Foods for a small bag [...]

A Product of Difficult Times

During my recent cold weather confinement at home I got a whole lot of cooking done. Even more than usual. I played around with phyllo dough. Made an amazing shaved Brussels sprouts / squash / caramelized onion tart. And two kinds of baklava. And more baked pears with brown rice / almond milk pudding. And [...]

Isolate the Failure

January 1st my son and I woke up at a lovely hotel. Next we visited with friends on New Year’s Day, as is our annual tradition. But then we came home. AND I HAVE NOT LEFT SINCE. This is absurd. Sharyn is a shut-in! Discovering the online grocery delivery service from my co-op was probably [...]