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Cultural and Personal Nostalgia

Here we go again. Wind chill advisory. Dangerously cold. Cold enough to shut down schools in the metro area again. Yes, Winter 2014, we read you loud and clear. You hate us. When I was a kid we had the occasional snow day but it was usually pretty fun. It meant going outside to build snow people and snow forts while plows lumbered down the street. Then warming up inside with hot chocolate. There is no going outside today. Unless properly bundled and even then it’s still a game of beat the clock before frostbite or hypothermia set in. And the South is even getting in on the action, with their own sci-fi sounding Winter Storm Kronos that will turn rush hour into “some sort of nightmare.” Sucky. But I’ve gotten to remain warm and safe at home with my son today (while my poor boyfriend had to slog it way out to a third ring suburb). I am trying my best to remember the natural beauty of the region, even in winter. Like this: Lake Superior Sea Caves Open For First Time In 5 Years. But for the most part I’m ready to give it all up and move to Hawaii. Or the South of France.

How about five amazingly good things to warm you up on this bitterly cold day?

This weekend I would love to be in Los Angeles - to escape the winter - and to see this amazing looking Cat-Inspired Art Show. It features over 70 artists, including Shepard Fairey. Seems unlikely to happen but at least this Sunday is our annual cat show brunch plus Saintly City Cat Show event. Not to be missed.


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