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No Separation Based on Form

My weekend plans unraveled, partly due to the weather and partly due to illness. A lingering cold took up residency in my lungs the other night and I haven’t managed to evict it yet. Last night was meant to be spent at dinner with friends followed by a group outing to an art show. Instead my boyfriend worked late, to avoid a messy rush hour commute, while I huddled on the couch watching a newer movie. Yet another Hollywood offering starring conventionally beautiful stick-thin actresses. I am perpetually frustrated by the narrowly defined beauty standards in the dominant culture. Life would be so dull if we all really did look the same. I don’t know how parents of daughters do it, trying to raise secure young women. When there are tidal waves of negative messages trying to knock them down, clearly judging and devaluing them based on appearance alone. Of course these calls for conformity and unattainable airbrushed beauty are received equally by our young men - which has to affect how they view and relate to their peers and how they feel about themselves. And I can only imagine how young trans people feel. It’s all so discouraging! But wait. There are glimmers of hope here and there. Below are five good things.

This afternoon I wasn’t up to standing outside in the frigid cold for the annual Art Sled Rally. I’m bummed about it but my sad lungs are thanking me. Instead I’ve been resting so I have the energy to stand around tonight, when we check out Cate Le Bon in the 7th Street Entry. She is an incredibly talented Welsh musician. But our own local college radio station, Radio K, has been running a promo on air that devalues her talent by focusing on her eye candy appeal. It pissed me off but reminded me of this great satire bit The Stranger ran on “Men Who Rock

It’s that time of year again—time to pay attention to the men who rock, FOR A CHANGE! Everyone knows that there is nothing sexier (or more rare) than a man who knows how to rock. Being a gorgeous man in music is one thing, but add talent to the mix? That’s taking it to a whole ‘nother level. With male-fronted bands, male solo acts, and even all-male bands becoming more and more commonplace, 2012 has definitely been the year of fierce men in music. They’re starting to rock all the genres, too: provocative punks, steamy rock ‘n’ rollers, dashing cowboy sweethearts, hiphop hunks—men are even making it in the complicated world of electronic music! Guys everywhere are stepping to the front and demanding to be heard—and we’re ready to listen. And look! To show our appreciation for the strong males who provide us with satisfying doses of ear candy and eye candy, we handpicked six of Seattle’s hottest male musicians to showcase their ability… to turn us on!

Hats off to music writer/musicians Emily Nokes and Bree McKenna (of Tacocat) for making me laugh.

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