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The Long Night

Collectively we’ve had quite enough of this winter already. One can make only so many Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming” jokes. The reality is too harsh with these crazy cold snaps, school closings, record snow fall and snow emergencies. Too much all at once. But at least we live in an area equipped for winter, unlike Atlanta. And I am thankful we have a warm, safe home. And a landlord who pays for the heat and for a snow removal service. More than one friend has recently posted about the price of propane skyrocketing, or failing furnaces or struggling with shoveling sidewalks and digging out driveways. Homeownership was not for me. Nor was working for inflexible employers. Life is so much easier now. More often than not I work from home. But I haven’t been having any cabin fever. Yet. Instead I never want to leave. While home I’ve been cooking (even more) and I just ordered more board games to play with the kid. Last night we rediscovered The Tick: Hip Deep in Evil and that sure was fun. Tonight we could and should walk across the street to watch a Laurel and Hardy movie with the Freemasons. But the boy wants to stay put for the night. I don’t blame him.

Five good things:

Last Sunday was our annual Cat Show Brunch with friends followed by the Saintly City Cat Show itself. Fun, as always, but it seemed like the event was smaller this year. I do think it’s odd that the event is held in conjunction with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. In that it means hauling all these felines around in severly cold weather. I need to take my two cats in for a vet check up but I’m putting it off until warmer days. This coming weekend will see the opening of the 2014 Art Shanty Projects (this time in my hometown of White Bear Lake). And I am so excited about another Saturday night in the 7th Street Entry - this time to see JD Samson & MEN, with my friends Kitten Forever opening.

Cate Le Bon

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