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Going Nowhere Slowly

There are ways to get through rough winters. Sadly we can’t afford the “flying off to warmer climes on a whim” option. Last weekend we embraced the winter instead, with a visit to the Art Shanty Project. It happened to be Intergalactic Tutu Day and our timing was such that we witnessed a marriage proposal on the ice! This year my favorite shanty is the one my son’s Dad and friends built - the Elevator Shanty. Very clever. And once again BoingBoing covers the whole shebang. Get out there one of these weekends before February 23rd.

Another way to cope with this weather? Basking in the humidity of a greenhouse. I plan to visit the Como Conservatory soon. But they are only open until 4pm daily during the winter. I may need to swing by on one of my work-from-home days. A little farther from home, I heard this piece on MPR about a ‘Deep winter’ greenhouse grows veggies year-round at Paradox Farm in southern Otter Tail County. I would love that sort of set up! But I’ve only just started growing my own sprouts from seeds. Baby steps. And much farther from home, London’s Newest Farm is an Abandoned Bomb Shelter Deep Beneath the City. Super cool. As the planet’s population swells we need to find more innovative ways to grow food.

Five good things and one sketchy one:

Last Saturday we were moving so slowly. Eventually we got the entire household to the Y (just the humans, not the cats), for a much-needed workout in the afternoon. Which we then ruined by eating treats from the Russian Tea House, just across the street from the gym. Oops. In the evening the boyfriend and I headed down to the 7th Street Entry for a sold out show. Saturday night dance party with the amazing JD Samson & MEN, and our friends Kitten Forever. Sunday we were supposed to do a great many things. But after bundling up and stumbling around on a frozen lake I just wanted to stay bundled up on the couch at home. We skipped our friends’ super bowl party, Irregular Readings at the Triple Rock and a show at the Seward. But polar artic vortices be damned! I need to force myself out in the world more often. So this coming weekend I’ll be spending a good chunk of time out there, at The Cedar Cultural Center, for the 28-hour dronefest put on by my friend Luke. Drone Not Drones is a benefit for Doctors Without Borders. And will feature musicians ranging from my all-time favorite band Low to…my boyfriend. I just need to stay awake for his 1:45 - 2:15am time slot.

Art Shanties 2014

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