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Like Two Flowers In One Pot

Valentine’s Day looms. The pressure is off a bit this year. It’s our second time through as a couple and we’ve been living together for nearly a year. But we will be enjoying dinner out, at a restaurant we’ve been meaning to try. And afterward hanging out with friends at an art/music show that will feature a display of my photos. Along with work by sixteen other artists. But I know how awkward this manufactured holiday can feel when not paired off. So I appreciate what the Swedish Institute’s restaurant, FIKA, is doing. They’re hosting a dinner for singles where “The only love you need in February is the love of awesome and adventurous food.” Right on.

Five good things for this chilly Friday:

It’s the dead of winter - and the beginning of the Winter Olympics - yet I’m already having to sort out my son’s summer plans. He is officially too old for the summer camp program he’s attended the last several years. Thankfully those fine folks have other options for him. He rejected the first outright. He does not want to become a Counselor-in-Training (and eventually a Counselor). He fears the responsibility. And all of the interactions with the young’uns. He’s a kid who would much rather go off and do his own thing. I get that. But I just learned about another option. It’s still on-site at the same camp, but it’s a program for special needs young adults. The little man has made huge strides over the years. But it’s clear that he has autism and may always need a little extra help to make sense of others around him and situations he will find himself in. I’m hoping this life skills camp will be just the thing. Though I’m pretty sure he hoped I’d let him sit home alone all summer, playing video games. Nuh-uh. Do as I say, not as I did.

Kitten Forever

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