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Poke Him in the Weird Place

My poor little Mazda. Right now it’s getting its third replacement grill in three years. Two in the last two months. My son picked out our rental car - a bright blue Toyota Yaris hatchback - and, like him, I’d rather keep it. Not that we had the chance to drive it much. The turnaround time at this auto body shop has been like lightning. Last time it was a week and a half. This go around it’s been a day and a half. I’m off to make the exchange soon.

Five good or at least interesting items:

  • I hadn’t heard about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee until Jerry Seinfeld picked up Patton Oswalt for a ridealong and they broke down in DeLorean, but went for coffee anyway. I like it.
  • When I was excessively pregnant with my son, like eight months along, I saw Cibo Matto play at First Avenue. I was crabby because it was hot and it seemed like everyone was blowing smoke in my face (this was in 1999, way before the smoking ban). And it was crowded so my pregnant belly was being bumped into with annoying frequency. I nearly snapped at one guy who slammed into me but he turned around and gave me a brilliant smile and I was momentarily stunned when I realized it was Sean Lennon so I didn’t say anything at all. Anyhow, the dynamic duo known as Cibo Matto have reunited, released a new album and are returning to the Twin Cities. I’m excited to see them at the Turf Club March 4th.
  • I love tales of rediscovered photographs. In this case, by Norwegian suffragist Marie Høeg

    “In the 1980s a box of glass negatives was found in a barn in Eastern Norway. The person behind these rediscovered images proved to be Marie Høeg, a Norwegian suffragist and commercial photographer. While Høeg was known during the late 19th and early 20th century for her conventional photography, typically landscapes and seated portraits, these rediscovered negatives showed Høeg and her partner Bolette Berg challenging normative notions of gender through private performative gestures. Produced at the turn of the 20th century, a period when women did not yet have the right to vote in Norway, the images are arresting in their anticipation of contemporary discourse around gender roles and performative identities.”

    More photos on flickr.

  • This is not a good thing but a good conversation. Plus size? We’ve really gotten out of control with body image bullshit. Something of interest written by this alleged plus size model on thigh gap. And related to gender and raising our young women, this LEGO Ad From 1981 Should Be Required Reading For Everyone Who Makes, Buys Or Sells Toys. And this ties in with Jezebel’s continuing crusade to unearth un-retouched photos of celebrities from the fashion magazines that try to make us all feel like crap for not looking conventionally flawless.
  • Another bittersweet piece. Goodbye cameras? Noooooo! But I do acknowledge we have become a broader culture of networked lenses much more so than actual photographers.

I’ve been even more of a hermit this winter than most years. But I blame this it on this “winter on steroids” with blizzard warnings and polar vortex, part two. No thank you. Instead of venturing out into the cold I’ve been curling up with the cats and reading more than usual. Though we did make it over to our friends’ Twin Peaks A Thon last weekend. We must have been there for nine hours’ worth of episodes. And I didn’t even have any strange dreams afterward!


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