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Isolate the Failure

January 1st my son and I woke up at a lovely hotel. Next we visited with friends on New Year’s Day, as is our annual tradition. But then we came home. AND I HAVE NOT LEFT SINCE. This is absurd. Sharyn is a shut-in! Discovering the online grocery delivery service from my co-op was probably detrimental. And this must be a record for me, especially since I haven’t been ill or anything. I do blame the one-two punch of continued car craziness + extreme, dangerous cold (my son’s school was closed for two days). So my year really ended with a bang. When, sometime in the night or early hours of December 30th, a stranger smashed into my PARKED car. In the same spot that had been repaired less than a week before. But he left a note on my windshield with contact info and did, in fact, have insurance that will cover the repairs. Then mechanical problems arose that need to be repaired before I can return the car to an auto body shop. So the poor beast was towed to my mechanic. The first collision was December 7th. The second December 30th. My car is scheduled to be repaired the week of January 20th. By the end of this saga it will have been two solid months of this bullshit. Attempting to keep my spirits up about it. At least both drivers had insurance. And the company I work for is awesome so I am able to work from home. And the polar arctic vortex is on its way out. But enough already.

It’s been a while so more than five things. And a particularly random collection this time.

There are loads of happenings to look forward to. Most of which will require me to leave the house. This weekend I will be seeing friends. And live music. There are so many good shows coming up. William Tyler at the Cedar Cultural Center. Cate Le Bon in the 7th Street Entry. My friends’ band Kitten Forever opening for JD Samson & MEN. A live 28-hour drone session / benefit for Doctors Without Borders. And the Art Sled Rally. And the annual Saintly City Cat Show with friend brunch beforehand! And the art shanties. Though this year they’ve moved from Medicine Lake in Plymouth to my home town of White Bear Lake and that feels downright weird but I will go to there. For the pursuit of art on ice. These are the things that help Minnesotans get through the long, cold winter. And it’s just two months until Daylight Saving Time.

New Year's Day 2014

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