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Monthly Archives: November 2003

On The Other Side Of The Screen, It All Looks So Easy.

The husband borrowed the 20th anniversary collector’s edition of Tron from a friend…who also threw in some raveresque glow bracelets. They make the perfect accessory for Tron-watching…a movie which is likely little man-safe, but after a couple of late nights the poor kid needed to hit the hay early. After putting him to bed [...]

A Meeting Of The Minds, And Bellies

Ah, two consecutive nights of gorging ourselves full to bursting. Last night it wasn’t even Thanksgiving leftovers we were consuming (because we didn’t have any). Somehow, and I’m still not quite sure how, the painfully shy husband agreed to dine out with my “internet friends”. Thankfully we convinced a couple of our “real life” [...]

Too Much On Tofurky Day

Yesterday I was a bad blogger. We were moving around from place to place such that I rarely paused to take photographs. The day started with me baking a batch of BBQ tofu for the evening’s potluck. Once that was ready, we cruised out to the burbs for a visit with my Dad. It [...]

Lost And Found

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories seems to have happened a lifetime ago. It was a little before my brother fell ill…when he was either fifteen or sixteen, and I was twelve or thirteen. We were happily staying at our father’s house for the holiday. The weather was warm but windy, with no snow [...]

Spooky Action At A Distance

Upon waking this morning one of the first things I encountered was Sméagol. Not a face you want to wake up to. Luckily the little man’s adorable visage was an effective antidote. Still, I know what the husband and I will be doing tonight (thank you Dave and Huey-Ling!) though I doubt we’ll take [...]

When O.j. Attacks

On a morning like this one, when we’re being blanketed by our first heavy snowfall of the season (accompanied by a winter storm warning, no less), I would have happily spent much of the morning in my jammies. Sadly it was not to be. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone into the kitchen. But the [...]

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

A series of small, sickening moments, relived in dreams at 2am…all of which occurred around the age of five. 1. Enjoying myself on a tire swing. In mid-air I hear the creak and groan as the rope snaps. I am hurled to the ground, ensnared in the swing. I feel a rollercoaster-type rush before [...]

You Own The Money You Control The Witness

This morning I have to give a shout out to one of my oldest and dearest friends. Monica just found out that she passed the California bar exam. No small task, considering it’s got about a 50% passing rate for first time takers. Congratulations! But I have to mention that I’m totally jealous. Not [...]

The Buck House Stops Here

In an effort to redirect my crankiness, I’ve been tracking some non-household news. Sometimes I’ve got to bust out of my cozy cocoon, just for a little while. The past few days have been interesting ones…with the FTAA protests in Miami, the Shrub’s European vacation, and former senator Max Cleland’s blasting of Bush. First [...]

News Flash

I’ve just made a most unpleasant discovery. Not the kind of thing anyone wants to wake up to. While I was sleeping my traitorous husband ate the last TWO pieces of the pumpkin pie that *I* made. Selfish bastard. He should know better. You do not get between a pregnant woman and her food [...]