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A Series Of Unfortunate Events

A series of small, sickening moments, relived in dreams at 2am…all of which occurred around the age of five.
1. Enjoying myself on a tire swing. In mid-air I hear the creak and groan as the rope snaps. I am hurled to the ground, ensnared in the swing. I feel a rollercoaster-type rush before I crash to the earth. The wind is knocked out of my lungs, while my small body is simultaneously scraped and bruised. No bones are broken.
2. Disembarking from the family’s old Mazda, my cousin too quickly slams the car door shut behind me…catching and crushing my small hand such that I am unable to free it. My father moves fast to unlock the door, and to take the blame for this act (to deflect my mother’s wrath away from my obviously wigged out cousin). I am rushed to the doctor where my hand is x-rayed. It is tender and sore and will be bruised for some time. No bones are broken.
3. Playing with a friend at her house, I run too quickly and trip over my own feet (this will not be the first or last time). Instead of falling facefirst to the floor my mouth connects with a wooden doorframe. My front teeth are pushed up at an odd angle while cutting my lower lip, causing it to bleed profusely. No bones are broken.
4. Playing by myself at the playground, I run too quickly and trip over my own feet. Even though I don’t have too far to fall, the earth rushes up at me, my mouth connecting with hard concrete…knocking out a front tooth far before its time. My mouth bleeds profusely. No bones are broken.
5. At a summer birthday party across the street. The birthday girl’s mother has the bright idea to set up a slide in the large wading pool. The slide is rusty and old. I wait my turn. Several girls are ahead of me, but I don’t hear their screams until it is too late. Each of us cuts one or both of our feet open on a loose piece of metal at the bottom. The pool water turns red as though there’s been a shark attack. Neighbors come rushing to tend to our wounds. No bones are broken.
My, what a rotten year that was.