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Monthly Archives: November 2003

Ta-chan Is A Weasel Girl

I don’t care if it’s so last year…I found some Domo-kun wallpaper last night that made the little man and I both happy (I swear, the boy spends nearly as much time at my computer as I do). The last wallpaper image we settled on was a lovely Calvin and Hobbes scene. I was [...]

Intention I Feel Inventive

I realize I’ve been poor about posting the visual aids lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been leaving the house much. Or because I misplaced my camera for a few days. And I’ve still got quite a few items left to locate on my 26 things list. Can’t participate in a photographic scavenger hunt [...]

Passion For The Compassionate

I must be getting old. When I stumbled across Vegan Erotica this morning I had quite the chuckle. Back in the day it was hard to find the basics…like soy milk, veggie burgers and non-leather shoes. But now vegan-friendly collars, harnesses, hitting toys and restraints are just a click away. I have to admit, [...]

Ride With Gollum! Stand Tall With The Ents!

I’d gotten a heads up about yesterday’s publicity stunt in NYC, but I still wish I could have seen it for myself. “To celebrate the November 18th DVD and VHS release of the Special Extended Edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, NYC commuters are invited to ride the ‘Middle-earth Shuttle’ [...]


Having another quiet day at the homestead. Can’t think of anything wrong with that. Before lunch I finished reading the tenth Lemony Snicket book in A Series of Unfortunate Events (borrowed the lot of ‘em on Friday). Now I’ll have to wait with bated breath for the final three volumes (for a grand total [...]

Easy As Pie

The husband brought a lot of things to the marriage…many of them fabulous. A few, well, not so much (and likewise I’m sure). Accentuating the positive, two of my favorite categories are: 1) his often unexpectedly funny sense of humor, and 2) his kitchen gear. From the amazing All-Clad pots and pans to the [...]

Authors Not Ready To Write Off Ruminator

The holiday season will soon be upon us. If you’ve got the cash flow, I know of one worthy cause you could direct your funds to. Our local indie bookstore, Ruminator Books (formerly Hungry Mind) has been in dire financial straits for some time. But many authors are coming to their aid with an [...]

The Inner Beast Will Be Released

Maybe I should have dressed the little man up as The Hulk for Halloween. I don’t believe he’s ever been exposed to gamma radiation, yet sometimes I worry he’s turning into some sort of mini Hulk. He’s long had a problem with not knowing his own strength, but a couple of recent incidents lead [...]

I’m No Rock’n'roll Fun

Lamer than lame, lower than low…I skipped out on the Ted Leo show. Instead I was asleep by 9:30. Sure, I’ve got my excuses. We’d had a busy day…I’ve got that bun in the oven…the husband and I decided to rearrange some furniture, and the evening got away from me. But excuses don’t get [...]

Life Is Full Of Possibilities

In my younger days I would sometimes go to a show every night of the week, if the stars were aligned. Or something. Even in the slower show seasons there would still be someone to see a few evenings out of every week…schoolnights be damned. But these days I’m a homebody. I’m a little [...]