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Having another quiet day at the homestead. Can’t think of anything wrong with that. Before lunch I finished reading the tenth Lemony Snicket book in A Series of Unfortunate Events (borrowed the lot of ‘em on Friday). Now I’ll have to wait with bated breath for the final three volumes (for a grand total of, yes, thirteen). For lunch I whipped up a homemade version of Seward Cafe’s Super Green Earth breakfast…comprised of seasoned tofu, broccoli, potatoes and garlic. The little man scored serious brownie points at the lunch table. He looked up at me and said, with gusto, “Mmmmmmmm, deeeeeeeeelicious mom”. That made my day. Sometimes it doesn’t take much. The husband also claimed he would play Scrabble with me tonight. If only it were so. I fear he’ll squirm out of it somehow. He is currently at another eye doc appointment. Likely having more stitches ripped out of his cornea. Ew. In other news, the house being built next door still isn’t finished yet…but some progress is being made. A few weeks ago a ridiculously large garage was erected, ensuring that my neighbors-to-be will have no yard to speak of. More recently a twee deck was added on to the back of the house, taking up just a tidge more of the limited yardspace. But it looks as though there’s hardly room for two people to stand on the danged thing. Today the construction workers finally started to put up insulation and siding. For some time I’ve been curious to see what color the house would end up being, as I’ll have to look upon it daily from my kitchen windows. I am displeased to report that it is…ack…beige.