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Easy As Pie

The husband brought a lot of things to the marriage…many of them fabulous. A few, well, not so much (and likewise I’m sure). Accentuating the positive, two of my favorite categories are: 1) his often unexpectedly funny sense of humor, and 2) his kitchen gear. From the amazing All-Clad pots and pans to the ludicrously expensive cast-iron Le Creuset ovenware, his kitchen accouterments are all top drawer. I’ve been craving pumpkin pie like mad lately, so I thought I’d avail myself of said gear this morning. I’m too intimidated by his monster-sized Cuisinart food processor though, so I opted for his fancy Cuisinart blender instead. I thought the blender could handle the load, but once all the ingredients were in and I’d hit the purée button…well, there was the smell of burning rubber. And then the blender started to vibrate across the counter. Things went steadily downhill from there, with one of the cats trying to escape out the back door (I’d opened the patio door, as it was getting mighty hot in the kitchen, but she knows how to slide open the danged screen door), the little man pestering me for pie every five minutes (should’ve told him I was making sauerkraut), and my inherent clutziness getting the best of me. At one point I opened a kitchen drawer and the whole thing flew out, crashing down and depositing its contents all over the floor. Then I realized the crust recipe I was making yielded enough dough for two pies, while the filling recipe yields just enough for one. I really only intended to make one pie, and we certainly don’t *need* two of ‘em. After putting the first pie in the oven, I was starting to feel better…until I realized I’d forgotten an ingredient in the filling. One third of a cup of flour. For the second pie there wasn’t quite enough tofu, so I put the crust into a smaller pie plate and adjusted the filling recipe accordingly. Hopefully one or both of the pies will turn out well. I’ve already promised a slice or two to one of the ladies, who has had a rough start to the week. I don’t want to make her week any crappier by offering her lousy tasting pie.

easy as pie