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Ride With Gollum! Stand Tall With The Ents!

I’d gotten a heads up about yesterday’s publicity stunt in NYC, but I still wish I could have seen it for myself.
“To celebrate the November 18th DVD and VHS release of the Special Extended Edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, NYC commuters are invited to ride the ‘Middle-earth Shuttle’ (otherwise known as the Times Square-Grand Central Shuttle).”
Sounds deliciously geeky, no? And from Salon:
“Ents storm Grand Central! And Gollum rides the Times Square shuttle, as New Line’s publicity machine brings Middle-earth to America’s city of myth.”
Unfortunately that article is Salon premium content, and the only one I’ve seen with a photograph. Sorry folks. Anyhow, a copy of said DVD was promised to us as a wedding gift (by friends who know us well). We should be getting it by the end of the week. I’ve seen Two Towers a number of times so I’m looking forward to the extras the most…though I don’t know that I’ve made my way through all the extras from the first film yet. I swear I must have watched about twelve hours worth, but there might be more. In other LoTR news, I’m thinking I should’ve gotten tickets to the one day showing of all three LOTR movies after all. As MeFi pointed out, it would have been a good investment.
Update: Kottke went, he sorta saw, and he was disappointed. Sounds like it was a better idea in theory than in practice.