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Monthly Archives: November 2003

The House Of Pain

Though the husband and I are both vegan, our culinary tastes rarely overlap. He hates everything I love, and vice versa. So dinnertime often sees us eating entirely different meals. And if the little man doesn’t care for what either of us are eating, then a third option may be thrown into the mix. [...]

My So-called Glamorous Life

The little man just peed on my arm. The lad is often too distracted, doing whatever it is he does, that he doesn’t acknowledge the need to go until the last minute. A moment ago I saw him paralyzed by just such a realization, replete with an “oh shit” look on his face. I [...]

Frump-tastic Vs. Skank-tastic

Too little sleep + too much crankiness = one bleah week. I don’t want this to turn into a blog griping solely about the indignities of pregnancy (there’s plenty else to gripe about), but I’ve been wanting to rant about maternity clothing for some time now. As it’s my second go at this it [...]

All Signs Point To Yes

What have I been waiting for? Other bloggers have long since fessed up. Heather, Defective Yeti, Lane…though I’ve got something on all of them. I’ve been down this road before. Not that it isn’t as exciting as the first time around, mind you. It’s just different. In many mostly wonderful ways. For instance, I [...]

That Is The Tempo

We had a mighty fine, mostly mellow weekend. Friday we made a late afternoon Children’s Museum visit, followed by a run to the co-op. After dinner we watched a copy of Big, borrowed from the library. It’s not the finest of films, but it’s family-friendly…and free is good. Saturday we enjoyed a lovely potluck [...]

Numb And Number

Wussed out and decided to skip today’s Seward Arts Festival and Art Crawl. I love a good art car parade as much as the next guy, but can’t help thinking they’re better saved for spring or summer days. The weather hasn’t gone sub-zero just yet, but we’ve been riding out a spate of below [...]


Another week is coming to a close, and what do I have to show for it? Comcast never showed up, and I’ve hardly left the house. But I’ve been happy. Thanks to my housemates, MetaFilter and Kottke’s Remaindered Links. So, in that order…the husband has been playing music man this week. The other day [...]

Fortress Of Hermitude

I haven’t left the house yet this week…aside from some playtime in the backyard. For me, it’s meant skipping Monday night’s Decemberists’ show (10pm doors, way past my bedtime) at the Triple Rock, and failing to get out the vote on Tuesday (I know, I know, I suck). I have a comfy chair and [...]

On The Inside Of Love

I did something tremendously icky today…and I did it for love. Now my hands smell nasty. No matter how many times I wash and scrub them I can’t get the foul stench out…and I’m using plenty of soap, I might add. It was all for the love of the husband. Before slipping my otherwise [...]

Pour Myself A Cup Of Ambition

This morning I woke up at 5am. Again. Gazing at the clock in despair I realized I must’ve fallen asleep by 9pm. Again. That’s when it hit me…the unstoppable force of the earworm. Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five busted its way into my brain, and it was all over. Which reminded me…I recall being [...]