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Monthly Archives: October 2008

A Drop of Blood From a Sugarcube

I was toying with goofy titles for my impending novel when I stumbled on a great op ed piece - about zombies and popular culture. Nicely done!
Five more fun things:

Thai-style translation: The Moustache is Tiny Squid Roasts.
Happy Birthday to Amanda today! And Sheela’s birthday is Saturday! Which will also be her last Cupcake Saturday at [...]

No Logical Creativity

Time for a round-up of the random:

Ericka and I checked out the PostSecret exhibit at the Minneapolis Central Library. I hadn’t visited the PostSecret site in a while, but appreciate the concept. Seeing the postcards in person though was much more intimate. As are a lot of the secrets. A few of which hit a [...]

A Persistent Instability of Mood

After the lad’s intermittent crankiness and another sleepless night, for the both of us, we are staying home today. His voice is all froggy and I’ve got aching lungs with bonus cough. Wheeeeeee! We didn’t leave the house yesterday either, and would’ve taken it easy all day long, but we’d already had a small pumpkin [...]

Every Moment is Now

The not-so-little man and I get along famously. Most of the time. Which is good, because we’re usually on our own, just the two of us. So when things go badly it can be baffling and painful. Like yesterday. The day started off nicely. We stopped by Cupcake Saturday on the way to The Minneapolis [...]

Regrets Serve No Real Purpose

I’ve been feeling particularly wistful but trying to kick myself in the pants and get over it. Channeling this raw emotion into a project like Angry Butterfly would’ve been a good way to go, but a friend pointed out this video from Kiiiiiii. There goes my artistic vision! I mean sure, there’s nothing new under [...]

A Suspension of Activity

I’ve been meaning to post this important public service announcement for a while now. It’s about a subject near and dear to me. Cupcakes. Specifically cupcakes on Saturdays at Letterbox Creative in Uptown Minneapolis. Sadly the owners of Letterbox, Kimberley and Zach, have decided to close up shop at the end of the month and [...]

Loopy, Elliptical Personality to Spare

Holy wow the boy is just bursting with energy today. He’s definitely caught up on his sleep, but I’m not feeling quite so refreshed. Tonight I plan to re-connect with my couch while watching the most recent Pushing Daisies. I’m a huge fan, of that and Wonderfalls. No idea how I missed out on Bryan [...]

Wrecking My Flow

Last night the boy was with the ex, so I saved money on a sitter. I met a friend for dinner at Brasa, a friend who then got me into the TV on the Radio/Dirtbombs show for free. But the evening wasn’t without a price. The openers started later than I’d expected so I only [...]

The Variations of Outward Form

We’re nearing the end of our CSA run for the season. The Women’s Environmental Institute will be delivering our “grand finale” boxes next Monday. But yesterday’s batch yielded some goodies. Like brussels sprouts! And more kohlrabi. And a Red Kuri Squash that looks much like a pumpkin.
Tonight I get to see TV on the Radio. [...]

This Realm of Permanent Outsiders

Some days I’m prone to weepiness. This morning I nearly burst into tears just watching Ratatouille. So I barely kept it together in the car when NPR’s Speaking of Faith was on. This week’s topic turned out to be Being Autistic, Being Human. We were on the way to the gym so I only caught [...]