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A Suspension of Activity

I’ve been meaning to post this important public service announcement for a while now. It’s about a subject near and dear to me. Cupcakes. Specifically cupcakes on Saturdays at Letterbox Creative in Uptown Minneapolis. Sadly the owners of Letterbox, Kimberley and Zach, have decided to close up shop at the end of the month and move back to NYC. But Sheela will be selling cupcakes there tomorrow and the flavors will be as follows:

  • vegan mexican hot chocolate
  • vegan chai tea
  • pumpkin butterscotch with cinnamon

Also this weekend? The boy and I are headed to Barebones with friends. It’s a little funny, getting our Halloween festivities kickstarted a week ahead of time, but since Halloween is my favorite holiday I’m not complaining.

vegan chocolate orange

Bonus: The Flaming Lips movie, Christmas on Mars, will finally be released. But it’s a very very limited release. It’s showing in Minneapolis just once at the Uptown Theater, at midnight, on November 22nd.
Plus: One thing I love so much about my flickr contacts - besides seeing their photos as a window into their daily lives - is how they lead me to other interesting things. Yesterday it was the CoolIris add-on for Firefox. And discovering that another contact is now a MOO designer. Neat.
And: My friend Marty has come up with a list of “must watch” post-apocalypse movies. I’ve seen most, but not all.

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