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This Realm of Permanent Outsiders

Some days I’m prone to weepiness. This morning I nearly burst into tears just watching Ratatouille. So I barely kept it together in the car when NPR’s Speaking of Faith was on. This week’s topic turned out to be Being Autistic, Being Human. We were on the way to the gym so I only caught a snippet of it but plan to listen to the full segment later (after I enjoy some cathartic laughs at tonight’s David Sedaris show).

But the boy has been making a lot of progress. His recent IEP review was reassuring and he’s come a long way in his sessions with the psychologist. Sure, a lot of his social interactions are still awkward, but many more are appropriate and reciprocal. He’s even begun to initiate activities with his peers, like creating piles of leaves on the playground and inviting his classmates to jump in them. Though he’s still too fixated on semi-obscure subjects (like The Jackie Chan Adventures and the Chinese zodiac) and much less frustrated when he remains in his own bubble, without interacting with the outside world. I can relate to that.

Long Steve, lounging

Bonus: The fine folks from The Onion have another book out, The Devious Book for Cats: A Parody, and are doing a reading at Magers & Quinn in Minneapolis on November 15th.
Plus: I didn’t watch Sarah Palin on SNL last night, but I did see the highlights - thanks to Geeks of Doom.
And: Since my first visit to Cafe Agri I’ve begun scheming. Thinking of ways to trick my son into eating more essential fatty acids. Like in this avocado-chocolate pudding recipe. Guess I’m not alone in this struggle.

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