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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Because Light Moves Faster

Turns out we don’t have quite as much time to come up with a baby name as we’d thought. At my prenatal checkup the other morning my doc informed me that VBAC is no longer going to be an option. An ultrasound indicated that I have complete placenta previa, so not only must this [...]

A Fable About Self-acceptance

I’ve made note of this before, but Luc Besson is a ridiculously busy man. And somehow, amid all his big, flashy projects, he seems to have snuck in a smaller, quieter gem. Turns out he got back in the director’s chair for a film called Angel-A. It was released in France last week, but [...]

Stillness Is Beautiful

Finally, a quiet day. We don’t have to go anywhere, or do anything…aside from the dishes, perhaps. Those seem to have piled up again, and I’d like to make something savory soon. I’m actually sick to death of sweets. And I’ve learned the hard way that pregnant vegan women shouldn’t spend too much time [...]

Pity This Busy Monster

Yesterday was pretty productive. In the morning I ran errands and took the little man to an indoor playground we used to frequent, back when I was blissfully underemployed. He happily burned off some excess energy, we enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch in an atrium, and then we headed home…where I wrapped and readied [...]

Fire Bad, Tree Pretty

I hadn’t intended for this to turn into the doom and gloom blog, or the blog of bitchiness, but every day seems to bring with it some fresh hell. The husband complains of my extreme pessimism, and yes, dear, I know things could be worse…but things still pretty much suck and my brain is [...]

What’s With The Dire?

Well, that ranked among the worst weekends in recent memory. The husband is home from the hospital and it’s safe to say we have adequately covered the “for worse” and “in sickness” aspects of our marriage. Some day it might be nice to explore “for better” and “in health” but I’m not holding my [...]

Everything Else Is Pure Theory

What a difference a day makes. Or a couple of hours. This morning started off badly. I was worried about the husband, naturally, and also about the buttload of snow that fell overnight. Then, on the way out the front door, I pulled a Meghan and fell down my front steps. I’m ok, and [...]

It’s Only Cold When You Sleep Alone

Well, that could have gone a bit more smoothly. Monday morning we were told the husband’s surgery would take about one and a half hours. Maybe two, tops. It took four and a half hours. These things happen. But after his stint in the recovery room it was discovered that he was unable to [...]

A Hyper-aware State Of Quiet Contemplation

Pardon my silence. I am officially feeling overwhelmed. There’s just too much to post about (the good, the bad and the ugly) so I haven’t posted at all. Updates tomorrow, possibly, after the husband’s surgery.

Warmer Than A Whisper

Yesterday morning my eyeballs froze over on the walk from the parking lot into work. According to the weatherman it was “the coldest slap since January 17th” but, at -6 with a -22 windchill, it was more like a bitchslap. At least my car started. Umm, why do I live in Minnesota? Speaking of [...]