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Everything Else Is Pure Theory

What a difference a day makes. Or a couple of hours. This morning started off badly. I was worried about the husband, naturally, and also about the buttload of snow that fell overnight. Then, on the way out the front door, I pulled a Meghan and fell down my front steps. I’m ok, and the baby is fine. The snow cushioned my fall…and so did the little man. When I went down I inadvertently took him with me. I felt just awful about it. He was walking ahead of me, and so he didn’t see me as I tripped and slipped and stumbled. But he did ask “hey, why did you knock me down?” Sigh. After brushing the snow off of us, it was time for the grueling task of brushing off the car, and begging it to drive uphill through the unplowed streets. Things were looking up a bit once we got on the freeway. After I handed the little man off to his shuttle bus driver I headed into the office, my office, for the first time, for real. As of last Friday I am no longer exiled off-site, working for one of our clients. Instead I get to join my peeps in our gorgeous new office space. I spent the morning unpacking my things and getting used to my new desk. And a little while after I’d arrived the husband called with some great news. He’d been working with a physical therapist and had managed to stand up, with some assistance. And his doctor over-ruled the dietician and said he could quit with the clear liquids and eat whatever he felt up to eating (not that there is anything vegan-friendly available in the hospital cafeteria). ‘Round lunchtime I headed back to St. Paul and made a pit stop at Babani’s, for takeout orders of Niskena (delicious lentil soup) and Kurdish bread. Brought that down to the hospital and was quite happy to see the husband consume a good portion of his. It was the first time he’d had real food since Sunday. Afterwards we watched Run Lola Run, which must have been inspiring, because the husband called the nurses down to help him get out of bed, to use the walker that had been ordered. He shuffled all the way from the bed out to the hallway and back. That may not seem like much but, compared to yesterday, when he could barely lift his legs off the bed, it was HUGE. If he continues to improve at this pace, he’ll be home before long. And maybe they’ll take the “Fall Risk” magnet off of his doorframe.
Bonus: You know what perks me up when I’m feeling down? Some good old-fashioned cattiness. Life wouldn’t be nearly as colorful without Go Fug Yourself.
Plus: Not sure how I missed this on BoingBoing but Pop Astronaut has come to the rescue…pointing out these amazing knitted minions, inspired by Shaun of the Dead (one of my all-time favorite movies ever).
And: Speaking of movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be shown, in its entirety, on January 2nd…at my favorite movie theater. I am tempted…