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What’s With The Dire?

Well, that ranked among the worst weekends in recent memory. The husband is home from the hospital and it’s safe to say we have adequately covered the “for worse” and “in sickness” aspects of our marriage. Some day it might be nice to explore “for better” and “in health” but I’m not holding my breath. I’m actually quite looking forward to going in to work today, but the little man isn’t on board with that plan. His school is closed, but the on-site childcare program is open. Normally he looks forward to such days, as it means play time all the time, but one of the more aggressive boys has been bullying and hitting him. My crazed mama bear instinct is to break that little punk’s arms, but my rational grown-up voice is telling me to have a chat with the staff about the situation instead. Sigh. At least he managed to have some fun over the weekend, at another classmate’s birthday party out in the ‘burbs. And afterwards we partook of the Punch pizza together, which was nice.

the flowtron
bigass star balloon