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It’s Only Cold When You Sleep Alone

Well, that could have gone a bit more smoothly. Monday morning we were told the husband’s surgery would take about one and a half hours. Maybe two, tops. It took four and a half hours. These things happen. But after his stint in the recovery room it was discovered that he was unable to move his legs…much. These things happen to us. We were seen by a parade of perplexed specialists that first evening. And the poor husband, in a great deal of pain and discomfort from his fresh incision, was wheeled down in his bed for an MRI. In the imaging room he played musical beds and was trapped in the MRI tube for an hour. Thankfully the results showed there is nothing wrong with his spine or his back. The theory the docs are going with is neurapraxia of the femoral nerve, a temporary sort of paralysis. But they do keep stressing that they aren’t really sure, and have no idea why this would have happened. The neurologist said he’d never seen anything like it. That’s always reassuring. So it’s just wait and see now. And the husband won’t be released until he is able to walk.