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Warmer Than A Whisper

Yesterday morning my eyeballs froze over on the walk from the parking lot into work. According to the weatherman it was “the coldest slap since January 17th” but, at -6 with a -22 windchill, it was more like a bitchslap. At least my car started. Umm, why do I live in Minnesota? Speaking of which, I found this MN Speak thread on Minnesotans and motion to be terribly amusing.

With the emotional rollercoaster revolving around the baby last month, I haven’t said much about the husband’s impending surgery. I love him dearly, but that poor man is so defective. At just 30 years of age he’s already had a cornea transplant, has pretty awful asthma, allergies and carpal tunnel, and now he’s having an extra organ removed. Monday morning he’s going into the hospital to have his evil twin bladder taken out. The surgery will be pretty invasive, much like a c-section, so recovery time will be substantial. To that end he just bought We Love Katamari, the sequel to the much-beloved Katamari Damacy, to keep himself occupied. But I don’t know if he’s seen this Katamari/Indiana Jones sight gag (via BoingBoing). Before he heads in on Monday, we’ll try to squeeze in a date night. The babysitter is coming this weekend and we’re going out, prolly for dinner and a movie. Typical, I know, but we’d both like to see Syriana. Not exactly a little man-friendly flick. Speaking of which, he’s not yet old enough for the X-Men movies. But I am. Got all giddy Monday night, downloading a high definition version of the X3 teaser…until the DSL went down. Wtf? Had to finish downloading it bright and early yesterday morning. Here’s a link to some photos from the film (Dr. Frasier Krane as the Beast!), and some on flickr from the film set in Vancouver (not super great, but sort of interesting).