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If You Build It They Will Come

The weekend didn’t exactly start with a bang. Last night the little man and I fell asleep, in my bed, by 8pm. We were both beat. But then he was wide awake at 3am, wanting to watch movie trailers on my laptop. Oy. Thankfully we got back to sleep, so I was well rested for my early morning trip to NE Minneapolis. It was snowing and the roads were crappy, but that didn’t keep hordes of determined shoppers from turning out for the first annual No Coast Craft-o-Rama. I guess the write-up in the Strib and the ad in the City Pages really did the trick (in addition to the word of mouth, the web site, flyering, etc.). I arrived right around the opening time, at 9am, and the place was already packed. Managed to meet up with my friend Meghan and her mom but it was impossible to stay together. Bumped into a few other folks I know too, while I was in the middle of my shopping spree. I blew my wad on some ridiculously cute stuff for the new baby, the little man, my step-nieces, and, umm, myself. Oops. But at least a good chunk of my holiday shopping is taken care of, and my money went to local artisans. Photos of my purchases are here, or click on the picture below. Been taking it easy since I returned home, just catching up on some laundry and such. The husband gave the little man a haircut (rather than spending $18 at the Kids’ Hair salon) which the little man was initially in favor of, but it ended in tears. Thankfully he’s gotten over it (it looks fine, honest) and we’re heading out to dinner soon, with friends. As for tomorrow…who knows.
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