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All Were Consumed With Curiousity

Somehow we’ve made it to Friday, and there is far far too much going on this weekend. Too many things to name, but I’ll list off just a few…

  • The Bad Boys of Cinema…the Oak Street is showing Shaft tonight at midnight, and Last Tango in Paris all weekend long.
  • The Walker Art Center’s Free First Saturday event for this month is called “Pop-Mart” and seems to revolve around a food theme. Starts at 10am.
  • Saturday night the Triple Rock Social Club celebrates their 7th Anniversary (already? wow - I guess they did open when I was pregnant with the little man) with a special anniversary show.
  • Sunday afternoon is the Minneapolis “Thank God It’s Over” party for NaNoWriMo. While I didn’t participate as actively as last year, I still think it would be fun to attend. Our local Municipal Liaisons scored an amazing venue, The Loft Literary Center at Open Book. There other NaNos will be reading excerpts from their stories.
  • Sunday night it’s the MN Rollergirls “Close Encounters of the Female Kind” at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium.
  • Also Sunday night, oddball singer-songwriter Jane Siberry will be performing at the Cedar Cultural Center.

But the big event of the weekend will be brought to us by the lovely Zophia, who has put in a lot of hard work these last few months, helping organize the No Coast Craft-o-Rama craft sale (and more). It’s one day only, and that day is tomorrow, from 9am-4pm. I am so there.
No Coast Craft-o-Rama

Bonus: Speaking of hand-crafted goods, I came across these creatures at House of Ingri a while ago. They’re slightly creepy, yet cool, and hey, made of vinyl.
Plus: You probably don’t need to know this, but late last night the little man groggily got out of bed, stumbled into the bathroom, and, umm, attempted to use the facilities…but neglected to lift the toilet seat. Like, at all. That was a first. And hopefully a last.
And: Aeon Flux opens today. I don’t think I’ll be seeing it. It’s already being billed as “…a thoroughly awful and unusually incoherent piece of work.”