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It’ll Whisper To You In Your Sleep

Today has been a better day, despite the husband’s pager. It went off at 3am. In the bedroom. And rather than being set to vibrate, as it usually is at night, it seemed to be on the “loud smoke alarm” setting. Had myself a nice little adrenaline rush. But this morning’s commute was a breeze. And I had a regular, non-panicked prenatal checkup afterwards, and everything is a-ok. My next appointment is in four weeks, but after that we’ll be picking up the pace and I’ll check in every two weeks. The new kid on the block will be here before you know it. Craziness. As an aside, I discovered that I’ve become a bit of a running joke at the clinic. Last time they were all too amused when I admitted that Frank, from our very favorite restaurant, Evergreen Chinese, knew I was pregnant weeks before I did. My story has been told repeatedly in the halls, to the enjoyment of all. I think it is a tale that will pass into legend…or become lore or…something.

Speaking of legend and lore and all that…my OCD forced me to begin watching the Buffy box set at, well, the beginning. And I have to say, season one is better than I remembered. I must have enjoyed it the first time around as I became completely obsessed with the show, after all. But in the subsequent seasons the production values increased, and the characters became more fully developed and it blossomed into something utterly amazing…whereas in season one it was more that the show had a lot of potential, and a few moments where it really did shine.

Random: It was an Iron & Wine sort of day. I’m really enjoying the split EP with Calexico.
And: Tomorrow is…December. Which means that right now, there are only a few more hours left of NaNoWriMo 2005. I had myself one seriously crazyass month, so I’m not going to beat myself up about not finishing my novel this year (or barely starting it, really) but I do have some thoughts on the subject that I will post at a later date.

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