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Pity This Busy Monster

Yesterday was pretty productive. In the morning I ran errands and took the little man to an indoor playground we used to frequent, back when I was blissfully underemployed. He happily burned off some excess energy, we enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch in an atrium, and then we headed home…where I wrapped and readied our holiday gifts and cleaned the kitchen. I was beginning to prepare the evening meal when the husband dropped a bombshell, about someone I had considered a long-time friend, but no longer consider a friend at all. The news was so upsetting I lost my appetite and had to leave the house for a bit. Thankfully someone else, someone who really is a friend, was able to join me for some mindless ape against dinosaur action. But I still find myself incensed. Considering how spectacularly craptacular things have been going lately, I, like LaLa, am in need of friends who won’t judge me unfairly for my failures, but will instead lend a hand when I need help. I am also hoping for “less stress and more creativity in 2006” - that makes for a nifty sort of slogan. But I’m not sure what my odds are, as 2006 will see me entering the last trimester of this high risk and highly uncomfortable pregnancy, only to deliver a newborn in need of heart surgery. For now, I’ll just have to focus on getting through the remainder of this year.