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Stillness Is Beautiful

Finally, a quiet day. We don’t have to go anywhere, or do anything…aside from the dishes, perhaps. Those seem to have piled up again, and I’d like to make something savory soon. I’m actually sick to death of sweets. And I’ve learned the hard way that pregnant vegan women shouldn’t spend too much time looking at this blog. Tends to make me drool uncontrollably. In slightly less drool-inducing news, I’ve just discovered that the fabulous Jessica Stevenson (Daisy from Spaced) has a movie coming out in Spring that looks promising. Co-starring Martin Freeman, Confetti is a mockumentary that follows three couples as they battle it out to win the coveted title of ‘Most Original Wedding of the Year’. Wonder if the soundtrack will include the Lemonheads love song of the same name.
Bonus: Our festivus photos. The little man made quite the haul, as usual.