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A Fable About Self-acceptance

I’ve made note of this before, but Luc Besson is a ridiculously busy man. And somehow, amid all his big, flashy projects, he seems to have snuck in a smaller, quieter gem. Turns out he got back in the director’s chair for a film called Angel-A. It was released in France last week, but there’s no word when it will be shown stateside (looks like it hasn’t been picked up for distribution yet).
Bonus: In other movie news, the National Film Registry has revealed their list of the next 25 films to be preserved by the U.S. Library of Congress. The little man will be happy to hear that his beloved Toy Story made the cut.
Plus: In other media news, NPR annoyed the crap out of me this morning, with a very negative piece about pirate radio. It was heavily in favor of FCC rules, which are more concerned with protecting big broadcasting interests and advertisers than the needs or wishes of the people. Not at all surprising, just frustrating.
And: I’d intended to stay up and watch more of BtVS season five tonight, but getting back into the workday routine has thoroughly kicked my ass. It’s high time for nigh nigh.