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Monthly Archives: April 2002


After six or seven agonizing weeks of delay, tonight we watchers will finally be rewarded with the next tale. Scoff if you will…but I am very much looking forward to this evening.

So You’d Like To…

Explore Erotic Power Exchange (BDSM)? Whah-huh? Further reinforcing my opinion that Neil Gaiman’s journal is not to be neglected, I nearly squirted beverage out of my nose when I came upon his most recent (April 28th) entry: “I was amused, in a shaking-my-head sort of way, to hear that the buying info: [...]

Friendly Fire

For the most part I’ve been relieved to have SpamAssasin installed. I’d grown weary of all the junkmail, from Nigerian Scams to “HOT TEEN HARDCORE XXX”, cluttering my inbox. Unfortunately I’d neglected to check the “caughtspam” folder for errant strays. Just now skimmed through it to discover a few non-spam messages, some time-sensitive, that [...]

Still Unsettled

A decent weekend. Lots of good food and company. Mostly relaxing. Tried to avoid thinking of last week’s (ongoing) stresses. Was fairly successful, but not completely. Could still benefit from a vacation. Friday: Dinner with the boyfriend’s family. Blueberry vegan ice cream for dessert. Yummy. Saturday: A quiet day, but wacky evening…with weather turning [...]

Crash And Burn

Last night’s afterglow has burned out. Thanks to a cranky client and an exceptionally crappy week, overall. Replete with infuriating and exhausting lunch hour errands today. Dare I tempt fate by taking the little man to have his hair cut after work tonight? The last attempt turned him into a shrieking, writhing wreck. So [...]

A Pleasantly Miserable Pairing

That may very well have been the best show I have ever seen. To start with, I adore the smart and sassy siren Neko Case. Her voice sends chills down my spine (in a good way). But seeing her live…sigh. Now I have a huge crush on her. The evening would have been a [...]

Stranger Than Kindness

Ignorance can be blissful. Managed to have a lovely evening last night. Only to come in to work today to find that it could have been otherwise. Apparently I’d left just in time to miss the maelstrom. The client(s) changed their mind(s) at the last minute. And demanded all sorts of time-consuming modifications. A [...]

Hot Damn

Feeling better today. Planning to get more sleep tonight, and a real dinner. Been listening to Low to restore calm. The car is driveable, for now. The project I’m working on is nearly finished. The client even remarked about it “Hot Damn! You guys kick ass”. Heh. Looks like I’ll be able to leave [...]

When Things Fall Apart

{lengthy} Things could be worse. Compared to a lot of single moms in the U.S., I’m doing quite well. Compared with most people on this planet, really, I have a good life. But yesterday was one of those rare days I did not want to be me. The cursed car started to break down [...]

Tv Turnoff Week

That’s right folks, turn off the idiot box this week. Easy enough for me to say. Before I had my son I watched too much TV. Was hooked on the X-Files (before Duchovny left) and a few other shows, like The Simpsons and Xena. Would probably be watching Freaks and Geeks if it hadn’t [...]