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Tv Turnoff Week

That’s right folks, turn off the idiot box this week. Easy enough for me to say. Before I had my son I watched too much TV. Was hooked on the X-Files (before Duchovny left) and a few other shows, like The Simpsons and Xena. Would probably be watching Freaks and Geeks if it hadn’t been canceled. And Junkyard Wars, if I had cable. With the little man in my life, though, I’ve been TV-free most of the time. But was letting him watch videos too frequently. While I was in the shower, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc. It became too much of a crutch and he started requesting/demanding videos all the time. So a couple months back I implemented a Monday-Friday no TV/no videos policy. It has been working out well. We’ve been playing outside more, working on art projects together, and just having fun hanging out. It’s worth it, even if the housework suffers.

My one M-F exception/weakness is Buffy the Vampire Slayer…but it’s been in repeats for weeks! When a new episode finally airs (April 30th) the little man will be spending the evening home with my boyfriend, while I go watch the episode with friends who share my Buffy addiction.