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Still Unsettled

A decent weekend. Lots of good food and company. Mostly relaxing. Tried to avoid thinking of last week’s (ongoing) stresses. Was fairly successful, but not completely. Could still benefit from a vacation.
Friday: Dinner with the boyfriend’s family. Blueberry vegan ice cream for dessert. Yummy.
Saturday: A quiet day, but wacky evening…with weather turning from rain to hail to slushy snow. Would have stayed in, but the boyfriend and I were celebrating our first anniversary (at this time last year it was in the upper 70s/low 80s). We headed to bio-dad’s house to drop off the little man…who seemed especially unhappy about this arrangement. It was difficult to leave him in such a state, but we forged ahead. Along slippery roads to dine at our favorite Indian restaurant. Along the way we saw cars fishtailing and in ditches, and ambulances off to retrieve these hapless drivers and/or their passengers. We were relieved to arrive safely at our destination. The meal itself was uneventful, but odd…without having the little man around to feed and entertain and to keep from toppling the waiters (he’s taken to hugging the waiters there, which means grabbing them about the knees as they carry large trays that obstruct their view of the floor). Afterwards we prepared to drive back into the city. I suggested we take the long route, down Central Avenue, rather than travelling along the treacherous highways. It turned out to be a wise choice, and we were even a bit ahead of schedule. We had time enough to exchange gifts prior to the play, and still arrive at the theater early. Afterwards we swung by the video store. All copies of Metropolis were out, so I let the bf make an alternate selection. Then on to retrieve the little man, who was relieved to see us. Apparently he’d collapsed into a little heap after our departure and promptly fallen asleep. So while we were out he’d had a four hour nap. He perked right up when he saw us, and giggled all the way home…where he wanted to stay up all night shouting Woo-Hoo! Dang. I nearly nodded off on the couch, but managed to get myself up to get him settled in bed. Just before midnight! I don’t think he’s ever stayed up so late. Was ready to get to bed myself, but stayed awake to watch the video we’d picked up. Frequently I fall asleep during these, but this movie was so very bad that it kept me alert. If only to turn to the bf in disgust, pointing out the plot holes and grumbling about the dreadful dialogue. Which was actually fun, in and of itself. Could have done without all the knives though.
Sunday: Lounging. Errand-running. More French toast w/smart bacon. More lounging. Another failed attempt to finish watching 2001 (we’ll get through it one of these days, I swear). Dinner with friends, at their place. The amply affectionate little man kept smooching with one of ‘em, which freaked out her husband. Heh.